Our Facials

At Aesthetics on 5th, we are passionate about skin.  Nothing makes a person feel as good as they feel when their skins are glowing and looking healthy.  We believe that everyone deserves to feel good in their own skins and we offer a vast range of aesthetic treatments that are designed to get your skin looking as good as possible.

Our range of facials is designed to give your skin exactly what it needs to look it’s best and is merely a guide to what we offer.  Don’t worry if you’re  not sure which one is best for you,  our resident nurse and skin care therapist are on hand to guide and advise you, and will tailor-make your treatment according to what your skin needs.

We use Regim A products, ZO skincare, and the luxurious Black Pearl product range in all our facials.

Deep Cleansing Facial – 45 Min – R 650

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extractions, massage, clarifying mask and pore refinement treatment.

Our Deep Cleansing Facial is ideal for congested and oily skins, acne, hormonal breakouts, and post-holiday skin congestion.

Even dry and normal skins need a good deep cleansing facial once in a while.

Express Teen Facial – 30 Min – R 450

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extractions, purifying mask.

Our Express Teen Facial is designed specifically for young skins.

Helps clean out cogestion, breakouts, and blackheads and helps to calm inflammation and prevent scarring.

Hydrating Facial – 45 Min – R 750

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extractions, hydrating mask, eye treatment.

Our Hydrating Facial is the perfect treatment for dry, irritated and flaking skin, particularly in Winter when the dry weather,

cold, and indoor heating tends to dehydrate skin.

Bionic Oxygen Facial – 45 Min – R 800

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extractions, Bionic Oxygen Face Mask

The Bionic Oxygen Facial has a unique effervescent formula which delivers oxygen to your tissue, increasing cellular energy and optimising collagen levels.  Restores radiance and leaves your skin soft and supple and silky smooth.

Exfoliating Facial – 45 Min – R 950

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

Our Exfoliating facial is designed to give you maximal skin rejuvenation by exfoliating the dead skin layer that leaves skin looking tired and dull.  Ideal for pigmentation, problem skin, or post-holiday skin needing an intense makeover.

Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial – 60 Min – R 950 

Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extractions, massage,  anti-aging mask, anti-aging eye treatment.

Our Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial enhances cell turnover, smooths texture, hydrates, and strengthens the skin. Perfect for dull and aging skin needing a pick-me-up and the ideal maintenance facial to ensure great-looking skin on an ongoing basis.

ZO Skin Health Facials  – 60 minutes – R950

Double-cleanse, exfoliate, peel-prep, peel, neutralize and cleanse to remove peel, massage, mask, growth factor serum, daily power defense, renewal cream, and sun-block

* ZO Skin Health Facials are tailor-made for different skin conditions:

  • ZO Skin Brightening Facial – gives patients a brightening boost and revives dull looking skin
  • ZO Revitalising, Rejuvenating, and Hydrating Facial – For dry, dull-looking skin, also addresses fine lines and texture
  • ZO Acne and Oil Control Facial – minimizes oil production, large pores and inflammat

Cleopatra 24K Gold Facial – 90 Min – R 1 200

The Cleopatra 24K Gold Facial is our signature, ultra-luxurious subliminal facial using  the luxurious and wonderful smelling Black Pearl product range.  This facial incorporates the use of real gold particles which leave you glowing like a goddess.  The ideal facial treat before a special occasion or big event.

Mesoglow Facial – 45 minutes – R 950

Cleanse, exfoliate, cleanse, mesotherapy using an injector pod to infuse a skin rejuvenating solution rich in vitamins and minerals.

Our Mesoglow Facial is the perfect facial to get your skin glowing!

Fraxel Facial – 90 Min – R 1 900

Topical anaesthetic, cleanse, Fraxel laser, treatment serum, PDT light treatment.

The Fraxel Facial is the ultimate skin rejuvenating facial.  Using a Fraxel laser, it helps to remove sundamage, precancerous lesions and pigmentation, refines pores and texture, stimulates collagen formation, and helps fine lines and wrinkles.  Nothing changes your skin like a Fraxel facial.

Skin Needling Facial – 90 Min – R 1 900

Topical anaesthetic, cleanse, skin needling with treatment serum, PDT light treatment.

The Skin Needling Facial is ideal for thin and crepey skins and those with enlarged pores and rough texture.  Also known as collagen induction therapy, the skin needling process stimulates collagen formation and helps to tighten and refine the skin.  We use a treatment serum chosen specifically for your skin.

Skin Needling Facial with PRP – 90 Min – R 3 200

Topical anaesthetic, drawing and cetrifusing of blood, cleanse, skin needling with PRP, PDT light treatment.

Our Skin Needling With PRP Facial  (also known as the Vampire Facial) is the celebrity facial that has taken Hollywood by storm.  Similar to our Skin Needling Facial, this facial uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which contains stem cells and growth factors for maximal skin rejuvenation and refinement.

Facial Boosters  

All of our facials can be boosted with specific add-on treatments.

PDT Light Therapy – R 250

Infra-red light therapy with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and healing properties.

Carboxytherapy – R 350

Carbon dioxide infusion therapy which increases bloodflow and aids in rejuvenation by increasing tissue oxygenation, new blood vessel formation, and collagen production.

Microdermabrasion – R 450

Gentle sandblasting of the skin to remove dead cell layer and reveal brighter and healthier skin


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